Friday, 24 April 2015

The Bathroom | The Done for Now Edition

After around seven weeks out of action, the bathroom is ready to be used again.
The Boy Child will christen the bath this evening.
I love how the mosaic looks and how the tiler took the time
 to follow the design around the mirrors 
 I intend to keep the bathroom clutter free ...
The shower screen needs to be added 
and the remaining decoration completed
(white walls and ceiling).
I will also be adding a red window blind.
The red towels and bath mat are new and intended for The Boy Child's sole use.
Behind the door is a tallboy unit which matches the sink unit.
The palm tree photo was taken in Texas last December.
I plan to add more palm tree photos (after I've taken them this summer)
and add them to this slightly hidden corner.
I am shamelessly pinching this idea from Elise
It holds spare towels and a cute photo of The Boy Child from 2008.
The frame is broken, which is why it's propped up. 
 We are lucky enough to have more than one bathroom
and it wasn't a hardship to have the three of us using the same space.
Although The Brainy One disagrees with that last sentiment.
Next up, the downstairs loo, with plans for the en-suite after the summer. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Things He Says | The Shorts Edition

" Brrrr!  It's a bit nippy this morning!"

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Pairings | Elevenses

What goes with toast (buttered and a light covering of shredless marmalade)?
 A mug of hot tea, of course.
I'm joining in with Helena this week and looking for pairings, obvious or otherwise.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Up the Arsenal

The Boy Child has decided to spread the love when it comes to which football team he supports.  Liverpool remains in pole position, but he has added several London clubs to his favourites list.
I suspect he has done this so that he can persuade us to take him on more stadium tours.
It appears to be working.
Yesterday was the final day of an overly long Easter holiday 
and the final adventure was to the Emirates.
 I miss the days when football grounds were named after the area they were in,
and not after a huge global conglomerate
 The Boy Child appeared to like the self-guide set-up.

 He got to keep the branded ear pieces.
I sensibly stayed home.
The Brainy One is now the proud owner of an iPhone,
 which means he is more amenable to taking photos. 
He even WhatsApps them as he goes. 
I'll take what I can get, in whatever form he chooses.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Me on Monday

It's been a:
 wearing layers, but without socks,
 selfie attempting,
blossom loving,
washing on the line,
final episode of Indian Summers watching,
welcoming the plumber with open arms,
tackling the ironing basket,
preparing for back to school
and welcoming them back from their final adventure of the Easter holidays
kind of Monday.

This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme,
 which you can find on the
 fabulous From High in the Sky blog.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Give | The First Quarter

I took stock of our One Little Word 
~ give ~
this week, now that we are through the first quarter of the year.
Back in early January, I wrote of our word:
 Those four letters offer up a lot of potential. 
For giving love.
For giving of myself.
For giving to myself.
For giving up.
For giving away.
For giving in.
Here's what I found.
I've given a lot of myself to others ~ 
to a poorly Grandad P, to the PTA at school,
 to The Boy Child's classmates on two separate occasions 
and sent around thirty pieces of Happy Mail.
I gave to myself within these last two days.
I gave up wasting time on Facebook (tried my best to look just once a day)
and Junk Mail (unsubscribed myself from every junk email that appeared in my Inbox).
That's not a bad beginning.

One Little Word is an original idea from Ali Edwards and you can read more here.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Twenty Four

I was supposed to have travelled with The Boy Child to York yesterday for an overnight stay.
After a particularly trying Thursday evening, I asked The Brainy One if he could go in my place.
I wasn't expecting him to say yes.
But he did.
 Which left me with a window of 24 hours.
With nothing planned.
What luxury!
I spent last evening on the sofa, with my feet up and, 
as the evening wore on, under the blanket.
I had several large mugs of tea, too many peanut M&M's
 and several episodes of House of Cards.  
Rock 'n' roll, I tell you, rock 'n' roll.
This morning, while The Boy Child was enjoying breakfast in an hotel, 
I was in the park with the pooch.
At the time of writing, the boys are due home any time now ...
 and that has been the sum total of my day.
  Walking the dog in the park.
I'm not counting the two loads of laundry, the visit to the supermarket 
or the conversation with the plumber. 
 Those things can happen on any given day.
Twenty four hours and I spent them mostly on House of Cards.  
Or on sleep.
I can't decide if I've wasted those twenty four hours or not.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Five on Friday | The Bathroom Edition

A few thoughts now that we are nearing the end of our bathroom remodel.
We've endured orders that have never arrived and tradesmen who have disappeared.
The end, however, is in sight. 
2) Ensure that orders have been received and are on site before work starts. 
 This will save hours spent on the 'phone chasing up suppliers.
3) If at all possible, ensure that backup tradesmen are just a 'phone call away. 
 This will save a few weeks where nothing happens because 
your tradesmen have over-committed themselves.
4) Ensure that the tradesmen are happy.  
Make cups of tea and laugh at their jokes. 
This may well save "extras" appearing on the bill.
5) Always keep records of how much has been spent and ask for receipts.
  A paper trail will be crucial in the event of any dispute over money.  

Any tips you'd like to share on the topic of tradesmen and home improvements?  

Thursday, 16 April 2015

1 Metre 36 Centimetres

 When The Boy Child was born, he was 52 centimetres long. 
He left hospital at 3.5 days old in the pre-requisite car seat.
 Today that baby is one metre and thirty six centimetres tall.
And legally no longer required to sit in
 an approved car seat when travelling by car.
(Did you notice how much he has grown since the end of November?)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Work Experience

My friend-who-is-more-like-my-brother came up trumps today 
and invited The Boy Child to visit him at his place of work.
The Boy Child had a blast!
It's pretty cool to hang out at the national airline's HQ.
Before this post went live, I checked with The Boy Child.
"Tell me about today," I said.
"It was fantastic.  And that's it."