Thursday, 21 August 2008

Steel Girders

The steel girders are here and in place. The 2 lower ones will support the floor of the conversion and the one on the ridge will support the roof, which is good to know! The plumber is coming on Tuesday to resite the water tank; he'll actually remove the old one and position a new larger tank in the roof space above our bedroom. We probably won't see the builders again until Wednesday or even Thursday. (Monday is a Bank Holiday here in England.)
I'm continuing to keep the builders on side - choc chip cookies to go with their tea and coffee today (currently on offer in M&S, 2 for £2).


Liz said...

Don't feed them too many biccies or they won't get up to the roof!!

Good job you haven't had our torrential rain.

Mum said...

Chocolate chip cookies will spoil them for working anywhere else! Noticed that you didn't risk another plate!

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