Monday, 3 August 2009

Lossiemouth Beach

We woke up to a gorgeous day so DH and I took DS and the pooch to East Beach at Lossiemouth (I even drove!). BiL had to go to work, DN was going swimming with his pal and Sib stayed with DN until he was collected at 11.30am, then she went to Tesco, poor girl. We're just waiting for DS to get up from his nap and we'll be off out again, far too nice to stay in.
DS loved the beach, although initially he was a wee bit wary of the waves. Suffice to say he was very wet by the time we left and yours truly hadn't thought about bringing a towel!

1 comment:

Lulu said...

Lordy I miss that place! Make the most of every minute of your stay and have a wonderful time...that's an order!!! :)

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