Thursday, 25 March 2010

Something From {Almost} Nothing: Prompt 6

Yesterday's prompt was all about the use of stickers. I don't have that many stickers, mainly because I don't tend to like how they look on a finished LO (excepting self adhesive alphas, obviously). However, I realised last night that the Wishes & Dreams paper that I am using for the sailing album came with 2 sheets of co-ordinated stickers. Two different types of alphas and more felt fish ~ job done.
I've created a DLO in order to accommodate the numerous photos of Salcombe Harbour. It's not quite a true panorama of the harbour, but it's near enough. A scrap related extra: I bumped into the lady who used to run my local crop this morning and she told me that she was hoping to restart after Easter. It's almost 2 years since the crop folded due to lack of regular support, so I'll be happy as anything if I can have a 'Mummy's Crop Saturday' back again once a month!


Sian said...

Job done? Job very well done. I'd say! I hope your crop does get going again..all mothers of small boys deserve Saturdays off!

Deb said...

NICE layout here, Ruth. I love the fold to accommodate more photos...and the circles at the bottom keep calling my name. I have to remember to do that on a layout myself.

I'm like you, don't have many stickers in my collection, but you made it work! I'm waiting for Shimelle to post a prompt on buttons so I can let those loose!

Enjoy your day! xo

humel said...

It looks FAB :-) And I do hope that crop restarts! x

furrypig said...

ooh Salcombe that brings back memories! A friend's family had a holiday house down there and a kinda boyfriend's parents lived there! What fun! Love your pages and good luck with your crop, never been to one but might be brave one day!

Liz said...

It's looking really great. I hope your friend starts her crop again as you need some proper "ME" time.