Monday, 29 March 2010

Something From {Almost} Nothing: Prompt 8

Today's prompt from Shimelle was all about buttons. Ah, yes. Buttons. Those round colourful things that sit so prettily in their spice jars along the back edge of my desk. I look at them every time I scrap, so how come I hardly ever remember to use them? I've scrapped 3 photos taken yesterday of our raised flower bed in the front garden, which I planted up for the 1st time last Autumn. I'm chuffed to see how they've come on and are finally opening up.
I also came across some mini brads; they seemed perfect for this LO, although Shimelle is bound to have a prompt specifically for brads later this week, isn't she?
Oh, and see that butterfly? It's actually a metal brooch, given to me by my mum because she thought I might be able to "use it". Thanks, mum. You were quite correct!


Bernie said...

Blogger is not showing us any pictures today Ruth....:-) Hugs

Deb said...

I LOVE buttons and I really love what you have done with them! I use them a LOT in my work and have tried to hold back a little during Shimelle's class, just to do something different. Now that the button prompt is here, I'm stuck. I made a quick layout yesterday that I hate and want to re-do. :o\ Go figure!

The metal butterfly is awesome!!!

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