Friday, 2 April 2010

Bookmarks Of The Scrapbook Variety

Mum: Can you make me some bookmarks for our Oak Tree Ministry evening, please?
Me: Um, okay. How many do you need? Half a dozen be alright?
Mum: Oh, yes, lovely. {long pause} Your sister made ten.
The Oak Tree Ministry is a newish monthly gathering at my mum's church. She shares the running of it with a couple of ladies and each month they have a theme for their meeting. I believe last month's was belly dancing! My Auntie is going to give a class on card making in the near future and the bookmarks are wanted for giveaways at the end. I get the impression that these meetings are becoming very popular with both church and non-church members. Living proof of Church & Community working well.
(If you'd like to see some really fabulous bookmarks, then you should hop over to Carmelina's blog here.)


Sian said...

Lol to that long pause. i know just how that one works. The bookmarks are gorgeous.

Liz said...

They look fabulous. I still need to put ribbons on mine!! When does AI need them?

Bernie said...

What great daughters you and Liz are and those ministry evenings sound like fun....:-) Hugs

Jane said...

Oh they are beautiful!!! Well done you!!! I tend to just grab whatever I can find for a bookmark - right now it's a scorecard from when DH and I went glow golfing lol!

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