Friday, 30 April 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday's Pages

I mixed things up a little for Wednesday's pages ~ not much stamping and more smaller photos. And I'm thinking that the bottom left corner of the insert pages needs a little something, I'm just not sure what!
The 7x5 shot is DS in the 'sin bin' ~ time out in his room. Don't you just love the expression on his face? Priceless. There's even a self-portrait and an attempt at a self-portrait of my silhouette, even if it does make me look like a deformed elephant!
Any suggestions for that bottom left corner?


Sian said...

A little random bit torn from a paper or magazine for the week?

His face is so cute! How on earth do you tell when he actually feels sorry with a sweet face like that?

humel said...

Great pages again, Ruth :-) Love the shadow shot! And you're right about your boy's darling face in the big photo.

I think it looks fab as is, but if you want to add something, perhaps a touch of something light in colour in that bottom left corner would balance the light colours of the photo on the top right? xx

Denise said...

I thinkk it looks great as it is and his little face is a picture !

Bernie said...

I love this just as it is, DS is adorable......:-) Hugs

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Nice pages! I have a heck of time with shadow silhouettes. I think it looks good the way it is, but maybe something shiny in that corner would be nice, make it pop a bit

Rhona said...

I thought the same type of thing as Sian, perhaps move the flower up a little and put a headline or magazine title or something you'd been reading that day?
I love DS's face, how can you resist that look ;o) too cute!