Thursday, 13 May 2010


~ Cancelled appointments ~
I should have gone to the dentist and hygienist this morning, but I had to cancel last minute when I received a call from DS's nursery telling me that he was running a temperature. I'd already had to reschedule from last month, so the receptionist was none too pleased. Tough ~ DS takes precedence over the dentist/hygienist!
DS is still a little under the weather, but I am hopeful that magic medicine (Calpol) has done the trick and that he'll be as right as rain again tomorrow.


Heather said...

quite right too!

Liz said...

Must be a day for cancellations. Your BIL just had his Aug hospital appt put back a fortnight!!!!
Hope H is better soon. Squishes from the Scottish Office :0)

Bernie said...

I too had to cancel an appointment this afternoon.
Hope your DS is feeling better and I agree, you have all your priorities straight......:-) Hugs

Amy said...

Hope he is better soon ... I need to get the whole crew to the dentist soon - you reminded me!

Sian said...

Hope he feels better soon

You know, I hope, how much I admire your ability to distil the essence of the day into one sharply observed photo. And I've been wondering: do you take lots of photos every day and then choose one? How do you decide what a day was "about"? I'd love to know!

humel said...

Hope he's OK now xx