Saturday, 1 May 2010

Week In The Life: Thursday's Pages

By Thursday of last week I was bored of photographing the same things, but I suppose that's the true indicator of what my life is like just now. To liven things up, I photographed 2 policewomen walking the beat and the sock display in Marks & Spencer (because mum bought new socks!) I also photographed Monty the St. Bernard who lives around the corner from us, because he is just so darned cute! He's about 2 years old now and I swear that when he was a puppy, if you stood and watched him long enough, you could see him grow before your very eyes!
I also used Glimmer Mist for the 1st time; that chipboard mug has been in my stash for months, I kid you not. All that stuff I learnt during Shimelle's Something From {Almost} Nothing is paying off.


Denise said...

Ruth, I am loving these layouts,and I worked out the difference for California to be 6 tomorow morning - just praying my scheduled post works! x

Annesphamily said...

I love these layouts! That Monty is really something! He is very cute! My son Jeremy has a boxador named Smokey.He is deathly afraid of my son Nick's cat Rose! She is terribly wicked! The weight difference is about 70 lbs!
I admire the lovely scraping you do and you make me want to complete all the projects I have in the works! Have a terrific weekend! Anne

Amy said...

Ruth, you have just summed up perfectly why I don't do 365 .... too many of the same photos! I've even found that doing the scrap your day project or 12 on the 12th in my case that too many photos are the same - my life is monotonous at the moment! Love the potty shot by the way ... you have done that very well :-)