Friday, 11 June 2010


~ Cross checking ~
I've been dipping into my family history again of late and have found that, since I appear to have 3 different notebooks on the go, there is a serious need for some cross checking. I'd be really struggling without access to this website and this one, as well.


humel said...

I've been looking again at family history recently! :-) More on The Doctor's side than my own though at the moment. Good luck with your research xx

Bernie said...

I have been working on mine as well but have become stuck at one point, my sister is suppose to be working this learning the history of my family.
........:-) Hugs

Sian said...

Something else we both enjoy. I did quite a bit of research when I was younger and would love to get back into it, just not enough hours in the day. If you've got 3 notebooks you must know a fair bit by now :)

furrypig said...

thanks so much for those links did start looking at stuff a while ago so might look further using those links xxx