Wednesday, 7 July 2010


~ Shiny new Netbook ~
DH has very kindly bought me a Netbook, so that when I go to Washington I'll be able to communicate with home. My mobile doesn't work in the US, as it's only your basic pay-as-you-go handset and, as we all know, hotels charge a small mortgage if you use the telephone in your room. This way I will be able to Skype my boys and to email. That I'll be able to blog about my adventures the day they happen is an added bonus!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Ruth Sweetie...
I am back... I am so thrilled to see that you are coming to America. Yeah. I am sad that it is clear across the US from me though. I would have so loved to meet you in person. What a wonderful time you and your Dear Mom are going to have. So much to see. Very humid there right now, so be prepared to sweat BIG time. Do you have your trip planned out? What are you going to see?

I can't wait to see your post and I love your Netbook. How thoughtful of your sweet husband. DS is going to be lost without you.

Have a safe trip. I can't wait to read all about it. Stop by soon sweetie. I have so missed blogging, and am trying very hard to get up and going again.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what a neat gift! And I like the snazzy red color!

I'm still wishing you could come to Florida, but maybe some day you can come with DH and DS and do Disney. If you do, I would love to throw a shindig in your honor!

I can't wait to hear of your adventures in Washington. I have cousins up in that area should you find you need assistance. One is in Georgetown (he generally spends the summer in Martha's Vineyard which is in Massachusetts, but he is back and forth). My other cousin's daughter lives in Alexandria and is a med student in Washington. Her husband works for some government agency like the State Department. I'm drawing a blank right now.


Sheila :-)

Bernie said...

Great gift from DH, love the color.
Pack to change your top 4 times a day....just kidding but we are having a heat wave in North America and the humidity is will have a wondertime though.....:-) Hugs

Rachel said...

What a lovely thoughtful present and so shiny too.

suddenly sahm said...

what did I miss?! When are you going to Washington and what for?

Envy your netbook!!!

humel said...

Love it - what a great colour! And it's great that you'll be able to blog your trip as it happens, we can all feel like we're there with you :-)

furrypig said...

Very fabby netbook! Skype is fab we use it every day whilst Hubby works away it makes a huge difference to the kids, as they can still 'see' him.