Wednesday, 4 August 2010


~ Decorative gourd ~
I bought this beautiful pot in the Smithsonian shop at Dulles airport. I was really taken with the artwork, that and the fact that it had started life as a food stuff. It was 'made' in Peru. Is a gourd a fruit, akin to a coconut? My knowledge of gourds is extremely limited!


humel said...

It's beautiful :-)

My understanding of gourds is that they're a family of fruits, and include melons, cucumber, squashes etc?

Rhona said...

Love the artwork on the gourd. I was going to say isn't it part of the squash family?

Deb said...

I'm with Rhona ~ I believe it's a squash. The colors and design on it are lovely!

Amy said...

They're really light aren't they? We gave one to the inlaws a few years ago but it was plain - no painting, from the far northern part of Australia and absolutely mammoth - think small basketball!