Thursday, 5 August 2010


~ Book Group morning ~
I trotted off to my book group this morning to discuss Arnold Bennett's Hilda Lessways. I didn't like the heroine, initially, but as the story progressed I warmed to her. There was also a great twist at the end, which left me wanting to read the other 2 books in Bennett's trilogy. Our new book is D.H. Lawrence's Women In Love. I had time, before collecting DS from nursery, to snatch a quick browse in Waterstone's and ended up with 3 more titles to add to the pile waiting to be read. I've been waiting for the Dan Brown to appear in paperback (I've read all his other books, and no, I don't think there is a hidden meaning in any of them), the Patrick Hennessey is about a book group he started while on tour in Afghanistan and the Laurie Moore caught my eye because we still have a safety gate on the stairs.
Have any of you read any of these titles? I'd be interested to know what you thought about them.


Sian said...

I'm glad you liked the Arnold Bennett. I've read Women In Love, but not the others on your pile.

I do have a new suggestion. "A Fraction Of The Whole" by Steve Toltz which I started a couple of nights ago. I think it might appeal to your sense of humour.

Leann said...

Hi Ruth

Just popping by to play a little catch-up. I haven't read of any of your titles - but have a few stacks of mine own to get to.


Bernie said...

Love Dan Brown, but haven't read any of your books here Ruth. So many books to finish here first.
......:-) Hugs

humel said...

I read Women in Love when I was about 18 - I read The Rainbow as part of my English A-level, so chose to read the other while in 'Lawrence mood'! Hope you enjoy it and all your other choices :-)

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