Tuesday, 10 August 2010


~ A slow market ~
The headline on the front page of our newspaper today says that the housing market has fallen again, the first fall in a year. And, judging by what I see all around when I'm out and about, I'd have to agree that the market does appear to have stalled. It's probably just as well that DH isn't yet ready to make the permanent move to Scotland. (Me? I'd go tomorrow ...)


Liz said...

Hope it picks up for us selling!!

Lizzie said...

It certainly has slowed up just now. Even in my village, where houses usually sell before they even get into the local paper, there are properties appearing in the house section 2 or 3 times. The estate agents told me (when we were selling our last 2 houses!), that July and August tend to be a bit slow... I hope it'll pick up again mid-September, once everyone is back at work and school after the summer holidays. I am glad we have no plans to move though!

Bernie said...

It is the same here Ruth, it is a buyers market.....:-) Hugs