Saturday, 28 August 2010


~ A day of learning ~
I spent today at the Society of Genealogists in Central London, attending a seminar called My Ancestor Was Irish. The 3 speakers were witty and informative, and I came away at 5pm knowing more than I had done at 10.30am. I do, however, need to revise my history of the Irish Potato Famine.
I also learnt today that the Circle Line on the London underground is no longer a circle and that if you travel on the Hammersmith & City line to Hammersmith, you actually come in to a secondary station, rather than the main hub.


Sian said...

Hammersmith is where we stayed in July.

Sounds like a fascinating day out - I'm intrigued to know what you knew/didn't know about the Famine.

humel said...

That sounds so interesting :-)

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