Monday, 30 August 2010


~ Faded grandeur ~
This manor house dominates a large local park. Records show that there has a house on the estate since at least the mid 17th Century. The last occupants were a branch of the Rothschild family and they sold to the Council in 1925, on condition that the estate was used for leisure only. And for that condition, we are very grateful.


humel said...

I can imagine - it looks beautiful :-)

Rhona said...

I love these old buildings - we went to Sheffield Park this afternoon and I hadn't realise they have a beautiful old building there too. I'm hoping now that my photos have turned out :)

Creative Carmelina said...


this is a gorgeous building...I couldn't imagine being it's occupant...ever!

thanks for coming by!

ciao bella


Liberty :) said...

how did i only just find you?! lovely blog! be back soon! :)

Liz said...

We must go there one day. :0)

Yesterday Girl said...

Ah...i recognise Gunnersbury Park anywhere. I'm an Acton girl. Many happy childhood days spent there...x