Saturday, 9 October 2010

MTAV: Pages I And J

I is for Idol, Ink, In-Laws, Illness and Ironing.
J is for my maiden name and the name of my brother-in-law.

Before posting my MTAV pages, I compressed them, in order to make the journaling difficult to read.  It's not that all the journaling is all that personal, it's just that I felt I didn't want the minutiae of my 'real' life to be readable.  However, I do want the share the entries I have for 'J'. 

J is for maiden name:

I was a J**** for 37 years. Our direct J**** line isn’t particularly big; Dad was an only child, as was Grandad and my brother doesn’t have any children. Dad was a big man, in both stature and personality; you knew when he had entered a room. But he was also kind, loving and, under the crusty veneer he showed to the world, he was as soft as butter. He adored his family. He was patriotic, with a strong sense of duty and purpose; he was utterly loyal and extremely knowledgeable about many different topics. Sadly he didn’t live long enough to see his two grandsons born and although they may bear different surnames to him, they are chips off the old block, no doubt at all. Being a J**** means you are born with a sense of duty, both patriotic and otherwise, you possess a strong moral compass, a belief in right over wrong, and a sense of humour, coupled with a quick wit and dry delivery. Above all, being a J**** means that we are a family. See also: A****, Hong Kong, J****, Mum & Sisters.

J**** is my brother-in-law and has been part of my life since 1994. Quiet and unassuming, he has very much become a part of our family. He is a good man, with a generous heart. He volunteered to do the reading at Dad’s funeral, knowing that none of us would be capable. He agreed to give me away on my wedding day, a position that he never expected to find himself in. He sorts out DIY problems and computer issues for Mum. He is a hands-on dad and uncle. He loves my sister. As admirable as all these traits are, his greatest gift is his ability to produce the most delicious food in the form of a waist-widening dinner! See also: J****, Nephews & Sisters.

Thanks are due to Sian for describing me as owning a quick wit & dry delivery and to Cathy Zielske herself for reminding me that it's okay to include someone or something under a less obvious initial.  I had a slight panic when I realised that I hadn't written about my dad under D for Dad or F for Father, but reading Cathy's entry under Y about her DH Dan made things better.


humel said...

These are great pages, too - gosh, you're motoring with this project! It's interesting to see what words you've chosen and how you've told your story, even if I don't know the full details of each entry :-)

Sian said...

Ruth, I'm chuffed to bits to know that what I said might be spurring you on with your journaling. I always enjoy coming here and reading what you have to say - and I like the fact that your posts are always nicely edited to include your "best bits"

Amy said...

These entries are just wonderful Ruth - Sian is right, you edit to include just the right things!

Thanks for popping up the pear :-)

Deb said...

I love seeing your MeTAV pages, Ruth, and these are great ones! xo

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