Tuesday, 12 October 2010

MTAV: Pages M And N

M is for Menu Planning, Motherhood and Mum.  N is for Nail Biting, Nephews and Nights Out.

Mum: Most people think their mum is pretty amazing, don’t they? I know that I think that mine is. She has raised 3 children, often through the hard times of spousal unemployment and money being short. She provided a home stuffed full of love and laughter. She’s endured the hideous antics of teenagers up to no good, without ever publicly judging or belittling them. She saw her retirement dreams disappear when she was widowed at 51 years old. She’s built a new life for herself, one which has purpose and a strong Christian faith. She’s become the adored Granny of 2 grandsons. She is my mum. See also: Genealogy, J**** & Sisters.
Nail Biting: When I was a child, I bit my nails.  I can’t remember how young I was when I started this horrible habit, but I do remember Dad frequently telling me to take my fingers out of my mouth.  And then one day, I realized that I no longer bit my nails; just like that, I’d stopped.  DS has had times in his short life where he appears to have bitten his nails.  I don’t notice him do it, only that I haven’t cut his nails in a while.  I’m hopeful it’s just a phase for him.  But at least neither of us are/were like my cousin R**** ~ she bit her toenails!

1 comment:

Sian said...

A lovely mix of poignant and funny journaling today :)

My mum was widowed at 47. Not easy.

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