Thursday, 16 December 2010

December Daily ~ The 16th

The one with art work.

These LOs are 7x5 and will sit back-to-back in the album.
A day where DS was still poorly, which meant no nursery school.  I did nip to the school in order to return DS's library book, deliver the presents to the staff and collect the only piece of art work that DS has been allowed to bring home all term (and had to pay £3 for the privilege).  The original A4-sized calendar will also go into the album. 


Amy said...

What is the go with paying to pick up the artwork???? I need to pay someone to take some of ours away! To say the artwork has been prolific is an understatement in our part of the world!

Tara said...

I hope your son feels better soon! Lovely artwork!

dawn said...

Sorry to hear your son is sick, hope he's better in time for the holidays. I have that same paper and love it. You always make cool things with yours, think I will try to make some stars with mine. His artwork is so cool, he did a great job. We don't get our kids artwork till the end of the year which drives me nuts because I can't do anything with it till then. Happy Friday!

humel said...

Poor laddie xx

I can't believe you had to pay for the artwork, that's disgraceful! This is a gorgeous piece though :-)