Sunday, 2 January 2011

Design Your Life

Design Your Life is my 3rd, and final, Christmas gift that is scrapping related.  From BPC again, this class was designed by Cathy Zielske and now runs as a self-paced 12 week class.  A sort of back-to-basics-class, if you will.
Because I am a self-taught scrapper, I rather liked the idea of a 'one-to-one' with Cathy and actually having her explain, via her videocasts, the ideas behind the design principles.  I think that my scrapbooks can only benefit from me having completed this class.


Amy said...

I loved this class Ruth, this was the one where a lot of things came together for me and the one that has given me the confidence to make my own digital templates ... not because it is a digital class necessarily, but because I felt more confident with a few basic design principles.

Rhona said...

I also thoroughly enjoyed this class Ruth. I did it the first time round and then did it again the second time to get the digital templates as well. I'm sure you'll love it and I can't wait to spot some of Cathy's designs in your layouts :) xx

humel said...

Now this one interests me a lot. Now isn't the time, but I have it in mind to maybe pick up later in the year - the advantage of it being self-paced!