Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yesterday & Today: Week 8

Week 8 was all about perspective: the perspective that I have on my life and Ali suggested various headings ~ see, dream, live, make, go, eat, play, work, am, think and love.  This was the DLO that I'd planned on finishing while at my mum's.  Did that happen?  'Course not.  The design for this DLO was incredibly simple: two 12x12 page protectors, the type with six 6x4 pockets on each page.
The font is Mom's Typewriter, which I downloaded  for free from here, in point 9.
Think, eat and live still need to be completed, they are all missing a suitable photo and live also needs a little more journaling.
But the DLO is as near as completion as it will be for now, and that's good enough.

1 comment:

Sian said...

It certainly is!

I have been working away at my Y&T pages, but they have included a lot of family stuff, so they will probably never make it onto my blog. It's been worthwhile doing them though.

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