Monday, 16 May 2011

One Little Word: May

This month is all about the ideas, thoughts, tasks and stuff I want to tackle with my word this year.
It's a fairly simple list, written down as I thought of them, so not in any particular order.  For example:
  • Try to remember to enjoy living my life.  There's no joy in simply existing.
  • Plan and organise future scrapping projects: Week in the Life, The MotherLOAD and December Daily.
  • Keep this quotation at the forefront of my mind ~ You make your bouquet with the flowers within your reach. 
Also included this month is a LO in which Mel and Amy are the stars.
At the end of last week, both of them sent me unsolicited emails and each, I'm presuming, without knowing that the other was doing the exact same thing.  I knew that I would want to include these emails in my OLW album, so I asked both girls to email me a photo of  themselves.  I printed them out in black & white, in order to avoid a colour clash and The Tomboy was left in because I didn't have the heart to crop her out!
The photo is on a hinged flap (modified from Shimelle's latest 4x6 Photo Love suggestion) and the journaling is hidden underneath:
Mel and Amy: these women light up my life.
Mel and Amy: these women lead full and busy lives.  Wives, mothers, teachers, scrappers and bloggers ~ just some of the ways to describe them.  For me, however, I choose to describe them as my friends.
Mel and Amy: both have the uncanny knack of knowing exactly when to send a supportive email.
Mel and Amy: neither ask anything of me.  They give me love, advice, support, humour and encouragement.
They make my life better.
Mel and Amy, I thank you.

And just in case you don't know these two lovely ladies, Mel is on the left of the photo, Amy on the right and The Tomboy squeezed happily in the middle.
May is turning out to be a great month for my One Little Word ~ this weekend sees me meeting this lady and the following weekend sees me celebrating a birthday with some of my loved ones.


Cheri said...

I actually got my May OLW done too! And what a beautiful layout about your blog friends!

dogmatix said...

great LO. love the colour.

Sian said...


Getting excited at this end too :)

humel said...

Oh, Ruth! You've made me cry, but totally in a good way :) Thank you for this lovely post and layout, you've lifted my spirits no end just when I needed it. Thank you, my friend! xx

PS You're right, no collaboration between me and Amy! I guess we'd each independently been thinking of you :)

debs14 said...

What a lovely layout and isn't that 'flap' idea a great way to have hidden journalling? It really is a remarkable coincidence that both knew when an email would lift your spirits and proof that there are some lovely people out there in blogland.

Lynn said...

What lovely journalling about two lovely people.

Alison said...

Great LO and's good to have friends!
Alison xx

Beverly said...

Love the first thought on your list..I'm going to put that in my quote book :) Beautiful layout and journaling about friends.

Amy said...

I'm sniffing with a tear running down my cheek into my vegemite toast .......

Mel has summed up how I feel too - you have made me feel wonderful this morning when I have had a young man up all night coughing and we have to head to the doctor, it is cold and dreary weather wise and I feel a bit like a worn out old woman!

I think sometimes you just 'click' with people :-) This is a layout that makes me feel very happy ... I think I'll have to do some scrapping 'in the moment' later today!

PS Thanks for the PL advice, I think I might see if I can track it down over here :-)

furrypig said...

That is such a love;y post about your lovely friends. Congrats on winning a prize over at Shimelles!

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