Thursday, 19 May 2011

Something In The Air

There's definitely something in the air, if you're a scrapbooker, this week.  I've completed 4 LOs, May's entry for my OLW album and a minibook, and managed to remind myself of a few basics:
  • If you like a design, it's okay to use it over and over and even to adapt it to suit your needs.
  • Scenic Route patterned paper will not cry if you actually use it ~ it's what it's for!
  • Scrap the everyday,the ordinary and the amazing.
And if you don't believe that there's something in the air, hop on over to Mel and Amy.


Amy said...

I think blogger has been repaying the unfriendly favour to me this time around - this post of yours has been visible all day for me and is only letting me comment now!

Great page, I think that is one of my favourite wedding photos :-)

Sian said...

Great page! And yes, I'm a firm believer in repeating page designs too. It's much faster that way.

Alison said...

Beautiful Wedding LO...I love the comment about PP not crying if you actually use it-I can relate!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Great looking layout and I think it's fine to reuse a page design you like.

angelfish said...

How funny! I have just used that very same sheet of Scenic Route for a challenge on UKS! Mine didn't cry either, but I very nearly did!

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