Thursday, 16 June 2011

Design Your Life: Week Seven

This week the design emphasis is all about, erm, emphasis.  The stuff that stands out in comparison to other stuff.  The stuff that tries to grab your attention.  A focal point.
Layout #1 aims to show a basic focal point achieved through size and placement.  Emphasis remains on the larger photo.  Adding the title over the main photo serves to boost what Cathy calls the attention getting factor.
Layout #2 attempts to show a 6x4 photo as the focal point. Because, let's be honest, 6x4 is the most common photo size for the majority of us.  Creating a large mat and gathering the title and the journaling together results in a strong area of emphasis.
 As both of these LOs are 8.5x11, I've put them into my One Little Word album.

** Don't forget that you can check out more Cathy Zielske inspired layouts by hopping over to Simple Aussie Girls ~ you'll find a very warm welcome. **  


humel said...

lol! Great layouts, love that you've used that one of me framed by our coffees - I have in mind to do something with that myself :)

Carrie Rosalind said...

Love your layouts - especially the one of you and Mel!! :)

Rhona said...

These are great layouts Ruth and I certainly think the 6x4 is the focal point in the layout of you and Mel. Also love the second layout and the photo you've highlighted there :)

Jo.C said...

Great LOs - love the way you have included the cups of coffee in the layout. Have received the book - thank you so much. Now need to finish my Scifi one and get started.
Thanks again - have fun x

Cheryl said...

fab LO's especially you and Mel x

Amy said...

I love seeing what you have come up with in this class Ruth, it is still the best scrap class I have ever taken, I learnt so much ... actually, yesterday I was making a LO and CZ's words about emphasis were swimming around in my head!

Thanks for the link - we all really appreciate your support and you are always welcome over there :-)

Beverly said...

Love the layouts and the pic of Mel peeking around the mug makes me smile. Good job ob the emphasis assignment :)