Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Art Of A Self-Portrait

It appears that attempting a self-portrait is a popular past-time just now ... mine has been attempted in response to week 3 of The MotherLOAD class.Yet again, the British summer appears to have come and gone over Easter.  Outside is extremely wet; the sky is overcast.  Where can I take a photo that may have reasonable light available?  The front passenger seat of our car, looking into the wing mirror, that's where.
Did you happen to spot DH lurking in the doorway?  He happened to come down from his office in search of a cuppa and wondered why I'd left the front door wide open.
He rolled his eyes and said, "It's a scrapbooky thing, isn't it?"  He then left and went in search of the kettle.


Bush Girl said...

Bwahahahaha! This made me laugh, as my DH said much the same to me this morning as I flung open all the blinds in the bathroom to do a self portrait in the mirror there!

Hope you're well - we must have another coffee soon.


Cheri said...

Well done Ruth - and DH should be happy you do "scrapbooky things" or where would all his memories be????

Alison said...

DD often rolls her eyes and says something similar! great idea for a place to take your pic!
Alison xx

Lynn said...

Just been taking mine for the explore class - so tricky in the current weather conditions! Good idea using the car. My girls have even started rolling their eyes now when i say hold it i need to take a photo!

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