Sunday, 24 July 2011

Project Life: Week 16

Week 16 saw DS conversing with the Almighty.  There were more afternoon adventures involving buses, trains and coffee shops (thank goodness for loyalty cards).  The pooch paid a visit to the dog grooming place ~ long overdue.  The weekend was a total washout. 
DS received an invitation to a party, but there's too much personal information to show it.  Ah, yes, the art of the self-portrait.  More blackboard humour from the guys at the cafe.  Thank-you gifts for the staff at Nursery.  Miss F. having a goodbye hug with DS, who wasn't for playing ball.
Tomorrow is the start of Week in the Life, running alongside Project Life.


Sandra said...

Goodness, how do you fit in all your creativiy :)

Sian said...

Boy, do I wish I had something like this from when mine were this size! It's fantastic

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