Wednesday, 17 August 2011

London Transport Museum

Today's excursion was into the heart of the West End ~ the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.A small boy's dream and the rare sight of mother and son caught together on camera.
 ~ Routemasters, much missed by Londoners ~
 ~ learning that a bus can tilt considerably before toppling over ~
What we spent:
Travel costs: home to Covent Garden by tube ~ £2.50, bus from Covent Garden to Hammersmith ~ £1.30, tube from Hammersmith to home ~ £1.30.
Entrance to museum: £13.50, but ticket valid for 12 months and DS free of charge.
Guide book: £5.
Mid-morning cuppa: £3.25.
Postcards: £2.00
'Bertie' bus for DS: £7.99.
Total spent: £36.84


Alison said...

I had hoped to get to the Transport Museum in Glasgow, which has just been moved to a new site, while I was there but time just didn't allow for it!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

Looks like you both had a good day, glad you got a picture of you together.

Ladkyis said...

~faints at the thought of 3.25 for a cuppa!~ I hope that was both of you

Sian said...

Bring him here soon and my big boy can show yours our Transport Museum :)

Karen said...

Having just got back from a little trip to London with my big girl - I think that the amount spent goes up proportionally with each passing year and so at 18 she cost me a fortune!

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