Thursday, 4 August 2011

WITL: Monday's Pages

Setting the scene: the beginning of our holiday travels to NE Scotland.  We left London and drove 250 miles up the country to my mum's house, with a stop at the National Memorial Arboretum at Lichfield.  If you get the chance to visit, go.
Cast of characters: me, DH, DS and the pooch.
Number of photos taken: 32.
I love the simple look to each page.  (You can read how I put my album together here.)  In the end, I didn't use the journaling cards purchased from Ali; I used journaling cards from my Project Life kit and added a couple of flowers and a brad.  Usually, pages like this would bother me because, as my mum rightly says, "it's not really scrapbooking, is it?"  But it's okay, because there will be a record of this week also in Project Life and there will be a double page spread or two later on for our 2011 album.


Sian said...

But it's a collection of things put together in an album to record something if that's not scrapbooking, what is?

Cheri said...

But it IS really scrapbooking! Pictures + Stories (even in short form) = scrapbooking. All the fancy papers and embellishments are just pretty extras, but not necessary to recording a memory, right?

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