Monday, 12 September 2011


The mornings are fine.  I can fill them, no problem.  It's the three hours after lunch that I'm having difficulty with.  The pooch is suffering, too, padding all around the house looking for DS.
  ~ Today, I actually chose to drive to the supermarket: I had plenty of time ~
I suspect that by half-term I shall have no difficulty at all in filling my time up to 3pm, which is when I leave to collect DS from school.  High on my list is a visit to this exhibition.


Lizzie said...

I remember that lost feeling, when DS eventually started school. He was at nursery all morning for 18 months (before that I was working, so he was in another nursery 3 full days), but like you I didn't have much trouble filling the 2 and a half hours of morning. But when I got in from dropping him at school and the whole day up to 3pm yawned ahead.... Yes, it took a bit of adjusting.
In fact, I've got a new adjustment to make. DS started his senior (Upper) school last week. He leaves an hour earlier now, to get the bus. I have to crawl out of bed at 6:30am... he leaves at 7:30... it is soooo tempting to crawl back into that nice bed... But I need to get organised and make the most of the extra hour - while getting used to waking up so much earlier; made worse by the lazy holiday timetable of 8-9am wake-ups and late, lazy breakfasts... yawn...
Life has these periods of adjustment. It's just as well our children grow up gradually.
Hope your little lad is happy at school and has a great time! And I hope you start to enjoy your new timetable and find good stuff to do with all those "spare" hours!

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

Well done on driving. You're braver than me. I won't even do Aberdeen!!!

Karen said...

It does get easier Ruth, believe me, my next thing to get over is when my heart brakes the day I leave her at Newcastle and drive the 5+ hours drive home.

Love that exhibition you are planning on visiting but I could never cut into that awesome baby cake.

Sian said...

Yes, I'd love to see that exhibition too. That's a long day if they are keeping them in after lunch right from the start. Ours didn't have to stay all day until after half term in the first year.

The tags are 4 inches, that's the biggest size I can cut on the Slice