Thursday, 8 September 2011

The MotherLOAD Marathon: Days 6 & 7

Day 6 was to scrap the self-portrait we'd been tasked to take in the middle of July.
 Inspiration for the LO came from Shimelle's current Starting Point challenge.
Day 7 was to look back at the when you began scrapbooking.  When pages were incredibly simple and photos were cut in to peculiar shapes, for no other reason that because we could.  Want to see a page from our honeymoon album?
I can tell you're impressed.
I've heard people say that after a few years of scrapping, they went back and re-did the earliest albums that they'd put together.  I don't get that idea at all.
How about you?  What were your earliest pages like and have you re-done them?


Sian said...

no, I don't redo pages. But the one thing I have noticed is that if the story is on the page, right there where I can read it, I don't really even see that the page design is dodgy. It really does turn out to be about the words in the end - and you have the words right there!

Cheri said...

I have not and will not redo earlier pages. But I have some wonderful sticker sneeze and deckle edge scissor ones that make me cringe every time I see them!

Amy said...

I don't redo either - that's part of the fun I think - to see the evolution of style ... but, my style has not changed much. My first page is very much like my current style, I did have my experimental moments though!

Kirsty.a said...

No, I wouldn't redo a page, I have scrapped some favoutite photos more than once though

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