Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Project Life: Week 26

Week 26?  That means I'm at the half way point.  Six months in.  Half a year gone by.
The week where a friend came round in school time with her toddler for a cuppa, the week I learned that DS's teacher has a sense of humour and that the school bags look very cute when hanging up, the week with summery clothing and red shoes and the week with good waiting.
The week I planted 70 bulbs, the week the pooch had a visit to the dog grooming shop, the week DS had Happy Mail from his Great Aunt & Uncle, the week DS continued to enjoy the new round of Speech Therapy and the week I noticed beautiful early morning light.
Apologies for all the reflections.


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Fabulous, your project life is really looking great. love seeing what you and your family get up to each week. I started my album at the beginning of May but haven't got into the habit of printing the photos out each week yet. must do a catch up before I forget everything

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