Monday, 21 November 2011

Design Your Life: Week 11

Poor old DFL; it's been badly neglected since the start of the summer holidays.  Not that I remember having much of a summer.
Week 11's all about type, font and size.  I'm not one for typed titles, as I usually scrap in 12x12 format and my printer can't cope with that size.  Nothing to stop me from printing out in 8.5x11 format, though, is there?
I think, in hindsight, that I probably should have trimmed off the white space above the title.  Still, you live and learn and it's the first page I've managed to put together in almost three weeks.


Sian said...

I like it!

The thing that stops me printing out is getting the card to go through the printer

Amy said...

You have faced the eternal problem of a digi/hybrid scrapper! You can also delete the title area on a template and print out and then use thickers as per usual.

Well done for getting a page made!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

It looks nice. I like the white space but perhaps you could tear off some of the top white bit, to match the tear on the bottom bit?

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