Monday, 5 December 2011

December Daily: The 4th

A not very particularly Christmassy kind of day ... unless you count the making of Christmas cards.  I have since gone back and added a few word sentiments to the front page.
Every year I put myself through the agony that is making cards and all because I know that the elderly relatives in our family will love them.  And that's enough for me.
And not a single mini mince pie consumed today.


Cheri said...

I'm in the Christmas Card process too - and it is so much harder now that my girls don't like having their photo taken - I can't just do a simple photo card featuring the three of them anymore! Ah the joy!

Sian said...

Can't say the same here - more than one mince pie might have crossed my lips! The cards look well worth the crafting

Ladkyis said...

Oh Ruth I feel the same way about card making but they do seem to give so much pleasure - I am saving my mince pie ration and will forego it for chocolate, I could only eat one occasionally because of the diabetes so it isn't worth making or buying them.

Amy said...

No mince pies here ... and, I bought my cards this year, I know, naughty scrapper! But, it has made life a lot easier!

Queenie said...

No mince pies here,lol,but might crack open the shortbread,lol.
Love your pages.
I bought some cards too but will make a few for family and friends or i will never hear the end of it,lol.