Friday, 6 January 2012

Photo a Day: 6th January

In the local park where I occasionally walk the pooch, there is a large manor house which currently enjoys life as a museum and wedding venue.  In an earlier life, the manor house was the local library and is immortalised in several novels by the author Nevil Shute.  In the manor house's glory days, the unmarried daughters of Spencer Perceval, Britain's only Prime Minister to have been assassinated while in office, lived there.  The youngest daughter, Frederica, left money in her will to build a church in memory of her father and that church now stands on the site of Spencer Perceval's home.  It just so happens that it is also the church at the end of our road.


Sandie said...

There are so many hidden stories and knowing these makes buildings so much more interesting.

Mum said...

Older buildings so full of character.