Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Move More, Eat Well 2012: January

So.  January has been and gone, and taken as a whole, it wasn't that bad.
In January I put my money where my mouth was in relation to begin the process of getting fit.  I went to Zumba five times and walked the pooch for a total of 12.5 laps around the park.
I made a good start.
I did well with eating a proper lunch at the proper time; mostly low fat hummus with two wholemeal pitta breads and followed by low fat natural yoghurt with a handful of strawberries an raspberries.
Where I fell down was discounting low blood sugar levels mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  That was the time I normally snacked on toast and jam {mid-morning} or a biscuit or chocolate with a cup of tea before setting off on the school run.
If I succumbed to mid-morning toast, I missed out the hummus and pitta breads at lunch, eating just the yoghurt and fruit.
The afternoon low ebb was harder to work through and a few times I failed miserably.  Over about a week I consumed crisps, Haribo sweets {my greatest downfall}, several Bounty bars and at least half a packet of chocolate biscuits.
The easiest way to prevent this happening is to not buy them.
I know that.
I need a plan, a coping strategy for dealing with the sugar cravings.
And that is going to be a work in progress.  
The numbers card isn't filled in for two reasons: as previously stated, I'm not planning on sharing them here and I've not actually weighed and measured myself this month yet. I thought a shot of my trainers and sweaty socks post Zumba added a certain realism ... 


Kirsty.a said...

That afternoon sugar slump is my worse time as well. I've found that if I don't drink the tea, I won't miss the chocolate biscuit. Diet Coke's not a gret substitute, but I'm trying to retrain my habits

dogmatix said...

Glad I am not the only one suffering from the sugar slump! It is not too bad at home where I restricted the 'treat stash' but work is harder where there is always a ready stash of 'bad food' and since I am always on the go, it is sometimes a lunch and/or dinner substitute!
Yay to your Zumba sessions :). I have heard it is quite good.

Sian said...

Low blood sugar is not good. I get what the family calls "emergency hungry" if I don't snack often. Not a pretty sight. It sounds like you are thinking this all through really well - that's the way to get the outcome you want :)

Alison said...

You are being very organised about this Ruth....I find 4pm is my 'low point'...I have a cup of coffee and a mini KitKat and that works for me!
Alison xx

Amy said...

I am hopeless at lunchtimes, breakfast is great and so are our evening meals .. but lunch, I never get that right. The timing or the content!

Beverly said...

I think January was really a month to figure out where we struggle and what we need to re evaluate and you have done just that! I joined a wellness center this weekend and meet with my trainer Friday, commitment made :)

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