Wednesday, 1 February 2012

OLW Blog Hop

Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop.  The hop is hosted by Margie, is international and has a wonderful 46 participants, all waiting and willing to share their One Little Word for 2012 with you.  If you've landed here from Junelle's blog, welcome.  I'm listed near the end of the hop, but don't worry if you get lost following the links ~ there's a full list of participants at the end of this post.   {Regular readers of this blog will have seen parts of this post before.}
My husband {The Brainy One} chose our word for 2012: ENJOY.  Not because he wants us to be frivolous with our lives, but because he wants us to grasp every opportunity, good or bad, that comes our way this year.
You know, the masking on the cover page was entirely by mistake a design feature. I'd used American Craft Thickers for the title, now seen on the intro page, but was too heavy handed with the ink spray (Mister Huey's Colour Mist in Holly Berry) and they could hardly be seen in the resulting blood bath.
The thing about our word is that it is easy to fulfil ...
~ coffee with a friend ~
~ seeing The Boy Child with his friends ~
~ sending out Happy Mail ~
~ receiving Happy Mail of my own ~
~ Going to Zumba ~
~ Observing Sunday morning rituals ~
For us, as a family, our word is about remembering to stop and enjoy the everyday.  To notice the small things in life that can often be overlooked.  The dictionary definition of enjoy has it as: to joy or delight in; to feel or perceive with pleasure; to possess or use with satisfaction; to have the use of.
John Dryden (1631-1700) wrote in Alexander's Feast (1697), "Think, oh think, it worth enjoying." And that's what we fully intend to do in 2012.
Moving on from me takes you to Becky at Pieces of my Life, where I hope you enjoy what she has to offer. Becky is also a participant in Project Life and Move More, Eat Well
The full list of participants is below; enjoy!






Cindy            C  
Melissa S  
Missus W  
Monica B  


Orange Gearle  



Ruth         {You are here}


** I have no idea why Blogger won't show my list 'neatly'; not that I suffer from OCD, or anything ...


Sandra said...

I really like what you've done, and such a great word

Veronica said...

i love your "mistake" cute little guy too!!

Lynn said...

Great job. I commented in the gallery on your artwork.

orange gearle said...

I love this blog hop for many reason, one of which is the fact that I got to see this blog! I like your word, your reasons for choosing it, and I love the names you use for you family members! I will ENJOY visiting this site again!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love your word choice! As a mother of 3, I find it a daily challenge to stop and enjoy the little moments! :) Can't wait to see more here on your blog in the months ahead! Maybe I'll learn something!! :) Love your photos, btw!

Amy said...

Your word is lovely Ruth and I think it is something I can work on here too - simple appreciation should not be taken for granted!

Rebekah said...

What a beautiful, thought provoking post. TFS, enjoy the journey to the fullest this year!

Donna said...

Sounds like a wonderful word for both of you to enjoy all year. I like the way you split the word between the two canvases. Creative.

Cynthia said...

I love your post! And that masking is excellent. Great word. I am so happy I came to visit!

Kimberlee said...

Great job. I think it is wonderful that your husband is involved with you and the word and that it is more family focused. That's really nice. I like all of the pictures you used to document your word.

Brooklyn Hren said...

I love your word. Sometimes the best things come from "mistakes" :) It looks great!

kelly said...

beautiful photos ruth! looking forward to seeing more of it this year with OLW!

MonicaB said...

I think it's wonderful that you have a "family" word! I look forward to seeing what your family enjoys this year.

Beverly said...

Ruth, I absolutely love the word ya'll have embraced for the year. Your photos are perfect!

Lisa said...

I LOVE your cover page and think it's cool tha tyou have a family word! I proposed the idea to my kids but it didnt' really fly....I'll still try to sneak it in through the year, though!

JennL said...

great post, ruth. i love that your word was chosen for the whole family. so cool. and your photos are wonderful! xoxo

Missus Wookie said...

Lovely mistake and pages. Our family enjoy working through a word - although it is me who chooses it and changes whilst they tend to hang around the edges.

cinback said...

It sounds like you are already on your way with your word!

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog. Love your word and your title page and your assignment. I particularly enjoyed checking out your photos to represent your word. Good luc also with your Project 365. I'm on my 3rd year and love it (I do miss a day here and there, I must admit). Thanks for joining the blog hop.

Jan B said...

I'm so glad I persevered (though it took a few days) through to the end of the hop to find you. I LOVE how you've chosen this word as a family. Awesome! I sure it will bless you in many ways and be a great reminder through the year. And fun! Loved seeing your photos, too. By the way, I did my cover page (the masking) the same way - except totally on purpose! :) Looks great! Blessings on the journey...

K. Hutson said...

I love your word and I love the quote you included.

Thank you for reminding me to stop and enjoy every aspect of life.

Thank you for opening up your world and letting me peak in!

Enjoy the journey!

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