Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Move More, Eat Well 2012: February

I continued to do well in February with my aims for improving my fitness levels.
I went to Zumba a total of seven {7} times; I missed two sessions because The Boy Child and I went to stay with mum for half-term.  I walked the dog a total of seventeen {17} times and most of those walks were either a couple of laps of X Park or Y Park or a combination of the two.
I found it more difficult in February to keep to my commitment of eating a proper lunch at the proper time.  I still ate hummus with pitta bread, yoghurt with soft fruit, satsumas.  But I found myself snacking mid-morning and then topping my lunch off with chocolate or custard creams.  And both of those things are pretty 
addictive; easy to have just one more.  Worse still has been the amount of chocolate consumed in the evenings.  I know that I don’t need it, that I’ve eaten enough at supper time, but I still do it.  And I’m a hypocrite, because I’m extremely vigilant when it comes to making sure The Boy Child doesn’t have sweet things that often. 
My body’s measurements have hardly changed from what they were in January; just .2lb from my weight, hardly what you’d call a noticeable loss, and ½” from my thighs.  I know that I started Move More, Eat Well because I wanted to be fit, not to lose weight, so how come I thought, “is that all?” once the measurements were taken.
Cathy Zielske correctly notes that the writing down of the numbers demystifies them to some degree.  They’re just data.  No more, no less.   
Two changes I've made that I continue to do well with are:
1) Eating a proper lunch at the proper time
2) Zumba classes twice a week
Two changes still to be made are:
1) Eat less chocolate!
2) Join a gym ... and go regularly.  {the Zumba ladies are moving their classes out of my area and getting to their new venue would involve 2 bus rides.  I want to be able to walk to where I'm going to exercise.}  


Sian said...

What a shame about the Zumba moving :(

Do you know what made a difference here? Once the kids were staying up a bit later in th evenings I couldn't eat in fron of them without them having some too. That put an end to the extra crisps!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I still haven't tried Zumba but I really want to! I love your layout, and that photo of you with your camera between your knees is perfect for this! :o)

Alison said...

A little change at a time Ruth!..the chocolate is my downfall too!
Alison xx

Rhona said...

Well done for keeping at it. Life has been throwing some curve balls here but I finally got round to going back on Weight Watchers last week and hope to continue. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my measurements when I started so I'll have to do them tomorrow when I weigh in for the first time since starting - I know I've lost inches though (I can feel it in my clothes) but now I won't know how much! Keep it up, you inspire me!

Beverly said...

I think you are doing very well with your commitments. We joined a gym last month and I, who always thought I hated exercise...LOVE it, especiall the strength training. Good luck finding one close enough to walk :)

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