Thursday, 1 March 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop

Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop.  The hop is hosted by Margie, is international and has a wonderful 42 participants, all waiting and willing to share their One Little Word for 2012 with you.  If you've landed here from Eydie, welcome.  I'm listed near the middle of the hop, but don't worry if you get lost following the links ~ there's a full list of participants at the end of this post.   
My husband {The Brainy One} chose our word for 2012ENJOY.  Not because he wants us to be frivolous with our lives, but because he wants us to grasp every opportunity, good or bad, that comes our way this year.  The focus for February was to try and capture our word through the camera lens.
**The majority of this post was ready to go before the tragic and sudden loss of my FiL** 
From top left: first snowfall of the winter, thoroughly enjoying Zumba classes and breakfast after school drop-off with a friend.
Middle row from left: Half-term week with cousins, coffee with Mel ~ she is a prolific blogger and her silence since the new year had many of us in BlogLand worried; I was pleased to report back that all is well and first visit to the Circus for The Boy Child ~ he loved it!
Bottom row from left: School trip to the Science Museum, donating my 21st pint of blood and being together.
The greatest excitement in February was locating family members who have been missing for 30 years.  I added the photo of my newly located relatives over the divided page protector (and added their names after I took the photo).
On the back is a reminder to be patient.  This card is part of a set by Cathy Zielske and available here.
If you're moving on with the OLW Blog Hop, then your next destination is Missus W and you can find her here.  
Before you go ... 2012 is also the year of Happy Mail ~ the chance to receive a small parcel in the post, just because.   There's no catch. You don't have to do anything in return.  See this post, if you'd like to join in.  Internationals welcome.

Don't worry if you get lost when you leave here, there's a full list of participants below.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my One Little Word.
Melissa S
Melissa C
Heidi D  
Jen R    
Ruth             This is me
Missus W 
Dawn G   
Orange Gearle


Missus Wookie said...

Congratulations on your reaching your 21st pint! Been thinking of you and hoping everything is going as smoothly as such things can.

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

I love how you are documenting your word.

I am so sorry to read about your FIL. My heart goes out to you and your family.


Cynthia said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your Father in law. I really enjoyed your post and I LOVE your word. Enjoying life is something we seem to forget while we are so busy living it. So thank you!

Brooklyn said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

I think that the word "enjoy" fits you very well. I am very guilty of living but not enjoying.

Rebekah said...

TFS your journey of enjoyment. Joy and sorry interwoven.

ScrappnBee said...

Thanks for popping bye! Love your word! It great to try and enjoy life...even when the difficult times find us. The banner tags are great. You have been busy! Good luck with your OLW in March! -Amanda

Coley said...

Enjoy is a great word and the photos certainly capture that.

MonicaB said...

Great photo collage. I love how you added the additional photo of your new found family. How exciting for you!!

Donna said...

Great photos for your word. Once again my deepest sympathy on your loss.

Sharyn said...

Sorry about your FIL. I know how devastating that is. Hugs. I like your collage. Good on you for being so on the ball with is and sharing the snippets of honesty.

Lisa said...

I love your collection of photos and your word choice. Very cool that your DH chose it for you to celebrate together. My condolences on your loss as well.

K. Hutson said...

love your pictures and how you have added the words to illustrate your photos.
thanks for sharing your journey.

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