Sunday, 1 April 2012

Photo a Day: 1st April

The Boy Child looked so cute in his 3D glasses at the cinema today, I just had to use this shot as photo of the day.  I took him to see The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists ~ funny and brilliantly done.
Mind you, the cinema has got much more expensive ~ a whopping £25.25 for the two of us.


viv said...

Hope he enjoyed the film

Helen said...

Great photo and ouch at the expense hope the film was good

Beverly said...

An adorable photo! Wow, if I converted right that is a bit over $40 USD!!!!! Is that tickets, drinks, popcorn included?

Sian said...

Oh, yes! Just wait til he's too tall to get in as a child anymore..they don't give family tickets to kids over 6'

Cute picture!

Alison said...

Brilliant pic!
Alison xx