Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Proclaimers - Sunshine On Leith

Here in the South East, in the midst of a drought, we are building an ark to rival Noah.
I heard this song, Sunshine on Leith, for the first time on the radio last evening and I was blown away by it.
It gave me goosebumps.
It made me homesick for NE Scotland.
I can't understand why Charlie and Craig had to endure their wilderness years ...

PS for Carrie ~ I've heard Jason Marz on the radio ... good sound.


Alison said...

Haven't heard The Proclaimers for ages...TFS!
Alison xx

Karen said...

I love the Proclaimers and would thoroughly recommend their Best of CD.

Rhona said...

I love The Proclaimers too :) They always make me smile and I love the words of this song. I bought the new Jason Mraz CD when it came out. Have you listened to Joshua Radin? You might like his music too (and Jack Johnson) xx

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