Saturday, 28 April 2012

Week in the Life: Friday

 ~ Good morning ~
 ~ browsing ~
 ~ school run: rain stopped ~
 ~ walking the dog ~ 
 ~ finding comfort ~
 ~ The Brainy One's coffee ~
 ~ The Brainy One's office ~
 ~ The Boy Child's bedroom seen from the landing ~ 
 ~ the living room ~
 ~ paying the bills on the school run ~
 ~filming ~
 ~ an eye for the ladies ~
 ~ Zumba ~
 ~ shower time ~
 ~ bedtime {a lucky shot} ~
~ Goodnight ~


Lorraine said...

Thanks for the tour. Zumba....good for you!

debs14 said...

Thank you so much for my surprise mail that arrived yesterday! He he, I will enjoy sending that on!
Great round up of your day, you certainly pack a lot in to a Friday.

Jo.C said...

The lucky shot is great and I had to look twice at your goodnight as I have a photo of D in the car seat and she looks so similar :0)

alexa said...

Love that photo "an eye for the ladies". :) And is the possible move outside London one that you might be doing - or the person you went to see? Wasn't sure ...

Lizzie said...

Your sitting room layout is very like the sitting room we had in our previous house. Our current room is half the size - a bit of a shock... our tv cabinet looked "small" in the corner of the previous room - it seemed to take up half of the new room and we had to replace it!

Love all the photos of your day. Your boy is lovely - he has such a beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. Gorgeous little man - no wonder the little girls like him!
Love the photo of him peeping out from his bed-clothes!

The Zumba shot made me smile - photos of feet give so much information!

Nice to see how your day panned out. Hope you're having a good Saturday.

Riet said...

Loved the tour of your home. Your little boy is getting bigger and so handsome, love the shot of him peeping and a lucky shot.

Amy said...

Ooh, I like today's photos! Are you moving?

Alison said...

Alexa's question obviously piqued Amy's interest too..was going to ask the same question! Another great set of pics...especially TBC ones-you know what a soft spot I have for him!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I loved the peep around your house. I never can resist a house tour

Robyn said...

LOVE your son's room! It's so super cute!!

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