Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Photo a Day: 16th May

The Boy Child is always starving when he comes home from school.
I send him to school with 2 snack boxes.
One full of rice cakes and raisins.
One full of chopped fruit.
The one with chopped fruit is always full at the end of the day.
The Boy Child likes to eat it as soon as we get home or, if using the bus, at the bus stop.
Today, both snack boxes came home with their contents intact.
Presumably, the shepherd's pie on the lunch menu was a hit.


Alison said...

I think with the weather you seem to be having, the Shepherd's pie would indeed have been a hit!
Alison xx

Anne said...

A beautiful expression on his face !

kim said...

It is a lovely photo- I love the sound of the snack boxes.
Shepherds Pie is one of my favourites!

viv said...

The snack boxes are a good idea. Your son is really concentrating on his snack.

Helen said...

i love the idea of snack boxes, a lovely photo of him too.

Amy said...

I am surprised at how little is coming home from TFYO - but, we don't have school provided lunches here. Depending on how the week is going, I bring extra food for both children to eat as soon as they get in the car ... saves the odd meltdown or two!

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