Tuesday, 5 June 2012

31 Things: Day 18

Day 18 of Ali's latest class at BPC ~ 31 Things.  Ali describes the class thus: 31 Things is about capturing life right now but will be much more in-depth on a single daily subject than the documentation you might be used to with projects like Week in the Life or Project Life. This workshop is an opportunity to get specific pieces of your story told with the simple goal of telling more.     
Day 18 | Shoes:
I have small feet ~ a UK size 4.  My feet stopped growing when I was about 12; I carried on growing upwards until I was about 20. 
I have 28 pairs of shoes.  This total includes flats, heels, boots, trainers, slippers, walking boots and wellies.  This is a ridiculous number of shoes.
I have 3 pairs of Jimmy Choos ~ my wedding shoes, which were subsequently dyed black, silver slingbacks and red flats.  They are without doubt the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.
My shoes are mostly kept in a bedroom cupboard.  I wear slippers around the house and shoes I have worn during the day are in the hall.  My wellies live in the porch.
I always wear leather shoes and am prepared to pay a premium for quality and fit.
I always had good shoes as a child ~ StartRite or Clarks.  


Alison said...

OOooohh! Love the sandals...are they the Jimmy Choo's?
Alison xx

Karen said...

Love your wedding shoes. Gracia's feet stopped growing when she was in year 5 and so she has so many pairs of shoes ranging from her Converse boots from then to her very expensive prom shoes to ones she has purchased recently - all size 3 which as luck would have it is the same size as me!

furrypig said...

wow what dainty feet you have, I am still impressed that you have Jimmy Choos, your wedding footwear is so pretty xxx

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