Thursday, 7 June 2012

31 Things: Day 19

Day 19 of Ali's latest class at BPC ~ 31 Things.  Ali describes the class thus: 31 Things is about capturing life right now but will be much more in-depth on a single daily subject than the documentation you might be used to with projects like Week in the Life or Project Life. This workshop is an opportunity to get specific pieces of your story told with the simple goal of telling more.     
Day 19 | Listen: 
I listen to The Boy Child call out in the morning, as he comes in to our bedroom to start his day.
I listen to BBC Radio2.  It's on in the kitchen all day long. 
I listen to The Brainy One talk through his day.  I don't understand a lot of it and I try not to let my mind wonder. 
I listen to music occasionally ~ Adele's 21 and the best of Franki Valli & The Four Seasons are on my current play list.  I don't listen to music anywhere near as much as I used to.
I listen to The Boy Child role play with his toys.  He remembers great swathes of Fireman Sam and Thomas stories and likes to work them in to his play.
I listen to The Boy Child as I try to engage him in conversation.  He doesn't always reply appropriately and I try hard to follow his train of thought.  It's not easy.
I listen to myself sounding like a Shrieking Harpy and hate how I sound.
I listen to other mums at the school gate talk about their children and I remain silent.
I listen to aircraft taking off and landing at Heathrow.


Rhona said...

I really like the way this class has made you think of things in greater depth and admire you for the way you've taken it on. xx

Alison said...

I agree with have really been thinking about these answers...I loved the shrieking like a harpy comment- been there, done that!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

We all have moments like the harpie :0)
I admire how you have shared all of the posts x

Karen said...

I love your honest answers. Let me just add that our cottage has a heath and cricket pitch in front of it. David returned from walking the dog once to announce 'I can hear you shouting at Gracie from the other side of the heath!' If he could hear how many other dog walkers could hear too?

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