Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Move More, Eat Well: June

Here's May.  The monthly report is always a month in arrears:

May was a fairly reasonable month.
I went to Zumba eight {8} times.
I took the pooch on twelve {12} one hour walks.
I missed a whole week of structured exercise because of my trip to New York City.  But given that I pounded the streets of the West Village while exploring the area where my relatives had lived, I don’t think I did too badly.
I’ve learnt a few things about Zumba this month.  The main thing is that one style does not fit all.  I attend up to four classes a week, taught by three different instructors.  The Monday class at the gym is so popular, booking is required twenty-four hours in advance.  The instructor is a guy who favours high energy and high impact Zumba.  It’s not for beginners.  The other classes combine high and low impact routines, with some toning thrown in.  The classes attract women of all ages, all shapes and sizes; I’ve yet to see a guy take a Zumba class. 
The biggest surprise this month is that I am seriously considering taking up swimming.  I can swim, but I am of the doggy-paddle-head-out-of-the-water type of swimmer.  I also have a fear of being ducked under or splashed, which stems from when I nearly drowned as a nipper.  The pool at the gym is 1.4m deep all the way along and I am 1.7m tall.  It’s only about 15m in length. 
There is a lifeguard.
Something tells me that swimming as part of my exercise routine should be a no brainer.
Three things this month that represent the life I want and am pursuing from a health and fitness perspective:
1) greater fitness levels
2) healthier eating
3) more outdoor exercise


Cheri said...

Well done Ruth! I truly do miss Zumba, but it is way too high impact and too much twisting for my knees and back now. But I loved it when I was in it. And the best instructor had two men as regulars in her class!

Alison said...

I reckon your doing really well Ruth...I have yet to be convinced that Zumba is my 'thing'!
Alison xx

Amy said...

You must be feeling so much fitter with all of that exercise!

Beverly said...

You seem to be more and more on track with this each month :) I enjoy Zumba but in the privacy of my own home on Wii. Swimming is an amazing cardio conditioner and calorie burner and well, I just love being in the water, hope you give it a try!

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