Thursday, 12 July 2012

Move More, Eat Well: June

June was the month where I introduced swimming in to my exercise routine.
I went to Zumba seven {7} times.
I took the pooch on twenty {20} one hour walks.
I went swimming five {5} times. 
Twice on my own and three times with The Boy Child to Family Splash.
On my solo visits I swam 12 lengths.
No matter that I stopped a lot.
No matter that I was in the slow lane.
No matter that my swimming style leaves a lot to be desired.
I did it.
On the 23 June I signed The Boy Child up for his own Junior Membership ~ for £10 a month he gets two sessions of Family Splash each weekend and up to four hours a day in the gym’s crèche.
There is also the option of 1-on-1 swimming lessons for him, alongside a week long crash course in August, which I have booked.
I’ve noticed in the last six months that my mindset towards exercise has completely altered.
I enjoy Zumba classes, paddling up and down the pool and walking the dog.
I miss them when they don’t happen.
And that tells me that regular exercise is now very much a part of my daily life.
And that’s a good thing, right?
Five things I'd like to learn or be doing in the coming months:
1) Improve my swimming ability
2) Recognise that going to the park with The Boy Child counts as exercise
3) Try to visit the gym four times a week, plus Family Splash
4) Stop feeling guilty if The Boy Child goes to Holiday Gym Club (his name for the gym's creche)
5) Automatically thinking about where exercise fits in to my day
No numbers, as usual, but a cute photo of The Boy Child in the changing room.
How was your month for Moving More and Eating Well?


Rhona said...

I'm so impressed that you've kept up with this, Ruth. This is where I think, if only I'd done it I would be that much better off now! I really need to be more proactive and organised! xx

Alison said...

I have to confess that swimming up and down the pool two or three times a day is the sum of my exercise at the's too darn hot to even walk down to the village (actually it's the walking back with bags that's the problem)Alison xx

bronya said...

well done you! very inspiring. I would love to be more fit and healthy. I feel I am on the slippery slopes at the moment between tiredness and snack style eating. This shall be my motivation!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great job on the exercise. my kids go through ups & downs with the gym childcare but I keep going

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