Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Round Up: Days 1 & 2

After an amazing and wonderful Opening Ceremony on Friday night, the London 2012 Games got under way properly on Saturday.
And it was a disappointing start for Team GB.  Mark Cavendish, widely expected to take gold in the Men's Road Race on Saturday, failed miserably and then had the nerve to claim that the other competing nations had conspired against Team GB.  Hello ~ these are the Olympic Games ~ it's not supposed to be easy!  Perhaps the cycling team would have been better served by not publicly stating their game plan pre-race.
Happily, on Sunday, Team GB ladies faired much better in their Road Race, with Lizzie Armitstead taking the silver in a dramatic sprint to the finish with Marianne Vos of the Netherlands.
In the Aquatic Centre last night, Rebecca Adlington raced out of her skin in lane 8 to clinch the bronze.  Astonishingly, she swam last night's 400m Freestyle faster than she did four years ago when she claimed the gold in Beijing.
Today's medal hopes lie with young Tom Daley and his partner Pete Waterfield in the Men's synchronised 10m platform and the lads and lasses in the Gymnastics.
Does anyone actually have tickets for the Games?  We were unsuccessful in all our bids and are not happy to see swathes of empty seats at the venues.


Kirsty.a said...

The ticketting c-up looks set to spoil this Games. Why so many empty seats? We are in france so not seeing much, but we have paralympic tickets - very excited

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

It's been fun this time around watching the Olympics and knowing how close you are to the activities, Ruth! The opening ceremonies were fantastic, and here in the US the opening scenes were around London. Makes me want to be there SOOOO bad!!! Doug and I were wondering about the large floating pig - assuming it's a Pink Floyd reference. Enjoy the remaining games - and we'll be watching from afar!

Amy said...

What's the general feeling about the teams performance so far?
The seating/ticket issue is being reported heavily here- it is noticable during the tv coverage and must be so frustrating for those who missed out.

RA did very well.

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