Wednesday, 11 July 2012


My friend Deb has been posting about her sunflowers (see here and here) and when I told her that we were growing sunflowers as well, she invited me share a post with her.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn't get back to her.
Shame on me.
However, the sunflowers in our wet and soggy London back garden carried on doing their thing and this week we have flowers.  To be exact, we have two flowers.
 The tallest of them reaches my chest.
 At this stage, they remind me of thistles.
 The lower leaves are way past their best, but no matter.
There you have it ~ London rain versus Arizona sunshine ~ it appears that sunflowers don't really have any preference to locality.
The Brainy One also planted sunflowers in the front flower bed.  However, he forgot to mention that he'd done that and I subsequently pulled them up thinking they were weeds.


Beverly said...

I am impressed and surprised to see that sunflowers respond well to the kind of summer ya'll have been having, very nice :)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh these are so pretty, Ruth! I'm wondering when you planted the seeds...mine were planted at the beginning of May and are just barely chest high without an actual flower on top (but there is a bud now!). The shorter varity I have are in full bloom.

Thank for sharing your sunflowers! I loved seeing this sunny post this morning. :o) xo

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

PS: When I was a little girl I did my grandma a "favor" and pulled half the flowers from her flower bed thinking they were weeds. They were actually "four-o-clocks" not yet in bloom for the day. Oops! Good thing she loved me so much. ;o)

debs14 said...

When I looked at my one poor little lonely sunflower yesterday, it would seem that not only have snails taking a liking to the lower leaves but a certain shaggy dog has been taking a little walk through the flower bed ... the sunflower is still alive, but a bit lopsided and moth-eaten, I'm not sure it will ever be worthy of a blog post! Yours are fab though.

Alison said...

Laughing at you pulling out the others,thinking they were weeds..the survivors are looking good!
Alison xx

Tammy said...

So pretty! I need to plant mine...

Rhona said...

Lol at you pulling out the ones in the front - that's the sort of thing I would do, I tend to get carried away if I go in the garden and anything that doesn't match my standards gets pulled out (ie. I like them to look neat and tidy - not sure why!)

Sian said...

A very welcome splash of sunshiney yellow!