Friday, 17 August 2012

Photo a Day; 17th August

The Brainy One and I have been talking again of late about leaving London and about where we might move to and about when we might make the move.
When the Boy Child was born, we thought we would leave London before he started at Nursery school.  Then my MiL's illness worsened dramatically and we couldn't leave her or my FiL.  We couldn't leave my FiL after my MiL's death.  The Boy Child started school.  Then my FiL died.
All of these things gave us reasons to stay.
But now, we are making our plans.
With a date to work towards.
And I have a notebook perfect for the occasion.


Louise said...

Couldn't pass by without commenting! We moved from west london 7 years ago for life in the country. We left everyone behind, it was hard but we have never looked back. It is a big big decision though and it was tough moving schools for my older one (tough for me not him). Good luck!

Beverly said...

Oh a very exciting time and wonderful that ya'll are in control of where you go :)

Amy said...

This all sounds very exciting Ruth! I wonder where you may go?

Alison said...

Hope you manage to make it happen Ruth!
Alison xx

Liz said...

Keep me posted xxx

Sian said...


Love the illustrations on the front of that brochure

Ladkyis said...

Excellent stuff