Monday, 29 October 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to a taster day at a potential new school for The Boy Child.
Hello to viewing 3 houses this week.
Hello to a day in one of my favourite places.
Hello to an overdue haircut.  The one booked a couple of weeks ago didn't actually take place.
Hello to a day with a cousin and her lovely children.
Hello to seeing Mel.  I'm taking her lunch on Friday.
 ~ coffee with Mel, July 2012 ~
Hello to a week with mum. Just hanging out.
Hello to no street dance or swimming this week because of half-term.
Hello to enjoyment, love and laughter. 


debs14 said...

I'm guessing from all those clues that new house is not in London!
How exciting. Good luck and hope your son likes the look of his new school. A happy boy means a happy mum!
Enjoy your lunch with Mel and make sure you sign her cast!

alexa said...

Hoping you have a lovely time with all these friendly and family get-togethers - do please get a photo of you and Mel! Wishing you both a lovely time together.

humel said...

Really looking forward to seeing you :) Have a lovely week - you can tell me all about it on Friday! xx

Ladkyis said...

oh how wonderful! all these exciting things to do AND you get to see Mel on Friday.
PLease give her a bettermaker hug from me. I have been sending cyber ones but a personal delivery is always a stronger dose of bettermaking

Sian said...

Well that all sounds very very exciting..maybe things really are starting to come together? Can't wait to hear more!

Alison said...

Hope the school and house viewing visits go well Ruth...and add a hug from me to Mel too please...enjoy your week
Alison xx

Pauline said...

Very exciting!

Karen said...

Hope your week is fabulous.

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